Nick Rose shares upbeat new song “ESCAPADES”, featuring Sylvan LaCue

New England artist Nick Rose has shared an upbeat, hopeful new song called “ESCAPADES”, featuring Sylvan LaCue. Over a fast-paced, bright instrumental, the two rappers flow rapidly with smooth cadences.

The instrumental for “ESCAPADES” is centred around optimistic keys and triumphant horns. Underneath, clean percussion locks in the rhythm, providing a strong foundation for Rose and LaCue’s flexible flows. They come through with some powerful, cleverly written verses that keep the listener on their toes.

Overall, one can be hopeful for new music from both of these artists, who show a natural chemistry on this release. This hopeful track leaves one feeling inspired and refreshed, and makes for much replay value. All in all, they show strength and focus in their songwriting and the instrumental is well-executed.

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