Respectfully Said is a podcast worthy of your attention

Massachusetts-based Respectfully Said, made up of hosts K and Darius Isaiah, is an up-and-coming podcast worthy of your attention. They provide insightful commentary on music from the area, featuring hot takes, song spotlights, interviews and more.

From the get-go, it is clear that Respectfully Said are a strong voice coming from the Massachusetts area, providing multi-faceted commentary about music from the region. They analyze everything from production to vocals to the artistic culture of the area, taking into account lots of perspectives each episode. In the burgeoning music scene of Massachusetts and specifically Western Massachusetts, their focused opinions and observations cut through as important and engaging.

Furthermore, Respectfully Said’s ability to cover a diverse array of topics is admirable, and they go in-depth on these topics with both co-hosts, guests, and just with the hosts of the podcast, K and Darius Isaiah. They also include in-depth music reviews in each episode, focusing on releases from the Massachusetts area but also including music from around the world. These reviews add another dimension to the podcast, adding to it’s multi-layered style.

Overall, Respectfully Said are steadily cementing themselves as a sharp voice coming out of Massachusetts, and demonstrate strong work ethic and clarity with each new episode. It is evident that they are a strong player in the fast-rising Massachusetts music scene, and will continue to grow with it, as well as help it grow.

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