03CAS shares glitchy track “Osa Lovely”

O3CAS‘s track “Osa Lovely”, featuring Elijah Aike, contains glitchy production that swirls into a psychedelic blend, providing a kaleidoscopic bed for the song’s dream-like vocals.

“Osa Lovely” contains fragmented yet warm samples that reflect a mood of summer. These samples are nostalgic and bittersweet, creating a unique atmosphere that puts one in a contemplative headspace. Moreover, rich, crisp percussion complements the sample as it keeps an energizing pace beneath. All in all, the production on this track is minimalistic and simultaneously layered and multi-faceted, making for an intriguing listen.

Overall, “Osa Lovely” is a strong offering from O3CAS and Elijah Aike, proving that they are focused artists who provide a refreshing sound. This track provides a lot of replay value without straying into territory that is too familiar.

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