Kudo’s self-titled album is atmospheric and powerful

Massachusetts musician Kudo‘s self-titled album is an atmospheric and powerful offering, providing energetic and contemplative energies that keep the listener engaged throughout.

KUDO kicks off with the massive “Woah”, which contains reversed keys and heavy percussion. Over top, Kudo delivers some superb verses full of exciting melodies. The chorus on “Woah” is truly memorable, showcasing Kudo’s sharp skills as a songwriter. He follows this up with the defiant “Made Me/ With That”, which contains a dark, epic piano riff that hooks one in immediately. Moreover, his vocals are heartfelt and authentic, channeling intensely unbridled emotion in a graceful manner. Furthermore, the beat switch midway through is engaging and provides lots of replay value.

Next, album highlight “Trick”, featuring vocals from Sosa Da Great and Pasto Chris and production from DK, is a raw and catchy track. Once again, Kudo comes through with an excellent chorus that caps off the song in a glorious manner. He follows this up with the grand, rugged “Flak Jacket”, which is centred around massive, demonic synths and head-banging drums. This track makes for a truly imposing and impressive listen, showcasing Kudo’s full power as a vocalist.

Another album highlight is the DK-produced “All In” which features moody keys and rich bass. Over top, Kudo delivers some adrenaline-fuelled, authentic vocals that energize the listener. Finally, the album closes out with the contemplative “Feelings Don’t Die”, which features reversed keys and bouncy drums. This track has a reminiscent, reflective feel, and Kudo comes through with some personal verses here.

Overall, KUDO is a strong release that solidifies Kudo as an exciting artist coming out of the Massachusetts music scene. It is evident that he is an important player in this vibrant, growing scene, and his consistency as an artist is truly admirable.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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