DK shares geographically-themed EPs ‘North Dakota’ and ‘South Dakota’

Massachusetts musician DK has shared a pair of new EPs dedicated to North Dakota and South Dakota. Over top of 6 tracks in total, the talented artist displays his sharp production and songwriting abilities.

For North Dakota, DK kicks off with the appropriately named “Energy”, an upbeat track featuring rich bass and crisp percussion. DK showcases his songwriting ability on this opener, stringing together melodies effortlessly. Next, the acoustic guitar-backed “History” provides a mood that is more laid-back in nature. He comes through with a sharp hook on this song that keeps the listener engaged. Lastly, the atmospheric “Granted” is a highlight, providing nostalgic, reminiscent vibes that carry one back to past memories. DK comes through with some well-written verses that draw the listener in, as smooth synths ring out underneath.

On South Dakota, DK comes through with some uplifting vibes on the opener “Tied Up”. Here, bouncy drums provide a fast-paced rhythm as bright synths play over top. He follows this up with the melancholic, bittersweet “Kissing Booth”, which contains a strong instrumental centred around watery keys and clean percussion. DK provides some well-written vocals that keep the listener on their toes. Finally, he closes the project off with “Enjoy”, a positive, optimistic track that features a crisp, relaxed beat. This song closes the EP out on a hopeful note, providing cheerful yet contemplative vibes.

Overall, North Dakota and South Dakota are engaging, well-crafted projects from DK. It is evident that he is a voice that deserves attention in the Massachusetts area, as a member of a fast-rising yet still slept on scene.

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