Haiko shares energetic new single “IU2LY”

Haiko has shared a bouncy, energetic new cut called “IU2Ly”. Over top of atmospheric synths and clean percussion, the artist delivers infectious melodies that keep the listener hooked throughout.

The instrumental for “IU2LY” consists of bright synths that play out smoothly over top of adrenaline-fuelled drums. Beneath, rich bass glues the track together and provides a solid foundation for Haiko’s catchy vocals.

He comes through with some engaging melodies that keep the listener on their toes, delivering strong verses and a sharply executed chorus. His melodies are playful yet equally well-written, adding to the replay value of this song.

Overall, “IU2LY” is a strong offering from Haiko, providing a great soundtrack for summer and drawing the listener in from the get-go. Hopefully more is soon to come from Haiko as we move into the latter half of 2021.

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