Hunnaloe shares elegant new visual for The “Towns Finest / Route99”

New York rapper Hunnaloe has shared an elegant new visual for his smooth, nostalgic singles “The Towns Finest / Route99”.

This new video finds Hunnaloe delivering a charismatic performance of his singles, appearing easy-going yet assured throughout. The video is cinematic and features warm coloration, adding to the reminiscent mood of the tracks. On the two tracks “Towns Finest” and “Route99”, he delivers rapid, powerful verses full of sharply crafted lyricism. Moreover, the beats are dark yet calming, containing wistful samples that carry one back to past memories.

Overall, “Towns Finest / Route99” is a strong release from Hunnaloe, showcasing his superb mic skills and providing two solid instrumentals. He shows much potential on this release, and cements himself as a new artist to keep an eye one going forward for the rest of this year.

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