Mr Pigeons breaks new ground on “Pink Fossil”

Berlin-based artist Mr Pigeons breaks new ground on his album Pink Fossil, showcasing his unique style and combining textural and aesthetic elements in a truly intriguing manner.

Pink Fossil opens with album highlight “Elephants”, a track that encapsulates Mr Pigeons’ eclectic, mind-bending style perfectly. This succinct yet layered track contains a feeling of mysticism and spiritual depth. Sonically, the track features fragmented samples that swirl into a psychedelic blend of cosmic sounds. Dusty, deep drums complement the samples nicely, tying the song together and creating an engaging rhythm. He follows “Elephants” up with the mysterious, ethereal “Timekeeper”, a song containing dream-like flutes and subtle, crawling drums. The minimalism of this song is simultaneously relaxing and enthralling, opening up a wide range of emotions. Over top, Mr Pigeons delivers some poetic verses and a memorable chorus.

Next, the glitchy, dark “Western Wilderness” conjures an apocalyptic atmosphere through winding synths that take on an industrial tone. Moreover, the relaxed “Bearth” creates a wistful atmosphere through the use of subdued horns and deep percussion. Another album highlight comes in the title track “Pink Fossil”, which once again captures Mr Pigeons idiosyncratic style and sets a moody, spacey atmosphere. Here, he delivers some truly sharp verses and an intriguing hook. Finally, the album closes out with the ambient, massive “Pink Bandana”, which features epic backing vocals and deep bass. This track makes for a superb closer to the album, containing a colossal, earth shaking instrumental that draws the listener in immediately.

Overall, “Pink Fossil” is an interesting, ground-breaking release from this Berlin-based artist. It contains some of the most left-field hip-hop songs you will hear all year, featuring psychedelic samples that tumble and twist in unprecedented manners. Throughout the whole project, however, there is a feeling of deep spirituality and authenticity that is impossible to ignore, making for a truly intriguing listen.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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