Anjalica Solomon shares ethereal new single “Honey Queen”

Vancouver artist Anjalica Solomon has shared an ethereal new single called “Honey Queen”. Over top of wistful, dream-like guitars and mystical backing vocals, the talented Solomon delivers a poem about Queer love, expressing eroticism and desire beautifully.

The instrumentation on “Honey Queen” consists of elegant, laid-back guitars that drift along in a surreal state. Accompanied by ethereal backing vocals, the combination of instruments on this track draw the listener in immediately. Beneath, minimalistic, organic percussion glues the track together, providing a relaxed rhythm.

Over top of the magical instrumental, Solomon delivers beautifully crafted poetry about Queer love, capturing desire in a crystalline manner while showing much focus and attention to detail in the writing.

Overall, “Honey Queen” is a strong release from Solomon, for it is sonically mesmerizing as well as lyrically vivid. It is evident that they have much potential in the spoken word medium, showcasing natural ability from the get-go.

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