Mr. Stee shares smoky new album “moments in time”

Vancouver musician Mr. Stee has shared a smoky new album called “moments in time”. Over 11 tracks, the artist showcases his textured, smooth style, flipping samples in engaging ways that keep the listener intrigued throughout.

moments in time begins with the hazy opener “morning sex”, which is centred around watery keys and elastic vocal samples. This warm, sexy track is a great opener for the record- introducing the textured, layered sampling style of Mr. Stee. He then follows this track up with the groovy, summery “kundalini linguine”, a track that contains electrifying synths and groovy bass.

Next, album highlight “dreams” provides ecstatic vibes through catchy bass and joyful keys. Bouncy percussion is added underneath to bolster the track and give it an exciting groove. Another album highlight is “pixelated palm trees” which features mysterious keys and driving bass, with pitched up vocals layered over top. This track is a soothing sonic mixture with a lot of replay value.

Furthermore, the smoky “ghost dog” captures a unique vibe, providing a melancholic, pensive offering. The dark strings and thought-provoking keys on this track provide an intricate melody. Finally, album closer “oh to be young and in love” captures a hopeful mood with elegant vocal samples that drift along in a dream-like fashion, underscored by groovy percussion.

Overall, moments in time is a strong release from Mr. Stee, showcasing his eclectic sampling style and deep grooves. It once again proves that he is a skilled producer with a lot to offer sonically, as he covers a lot of ground across the tracklist musically.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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