TheKidSax shares wistful new track “Need You Now”, featuring Ig4 Music

TheKidSax has shared a new single called “Need You Now”, featuring Ig4 Music. This wistful song provides melancholic yet hopeful vibes that can help keep one going through hard times.

The instrumental for “Need You Now” is centred around bright guitars underscored by clean percussion and rich bass. The production on this song is both optimistic and reflective, providing an intriguing mixture of moods that keeps the listener on their toes throughout. Over top of the mercurial beat, the singers come through with some catchy melodies that get stuck in one’s head for a long time, keeping one coming back to this track again and again. Their songwriting shines over top of this energized instrumental, providing a strong offering.

Overall, “Need You Now” is an interesting release from TheKidSax and Ig4 Music that is moody and simultaneously groovy. The pair show a natural chemistry throughout the track as well, and there is much reason to hope for more music from this pairing in the near future.

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