Seb C shares new banger “Weekend Hurricane” ft. Elijah Blond

Vancouver artist Seb C has shared an electrifying new banger called “Weekend Hurricane”, featuring Elijah Blond.

“Weekend Hurricane” is an intoxicating track centred around whirling synths underscored by rich, swelling bass. Bouncy percussion is added to build a catchy groove that keeps one hooked throughout. This song is layered and dense, with dynamic production that ranges from darkly subtle to ecstatically energizing. Moreover, the vocal melodies are surreal and moody, providing a contrast to the adrenaline-fuelled instrumental, while simultaneously meshing with it perfectly.

This track is also diverse, showcasing Seb C and Elijah Blond’s versatility. They are evidently sharply skilled and focused artists who put their all into every release. Overall, this is a strong offering and a great soundtrack for summer, providing a smoky, powerful groove.

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