HYDN showcases versatility and style on ‘It Was June’

HYDN‘s It Was June is a breezy listen, full of atmospheric sounds and stylish melodies. The musician showcases his range, providing versatility while remaining authentic to himself throughout. His songwriting choices demonstrate that he is a skilled artist who is interested in elevating his game with each song.

It Was June begins with the nostalgic, bittersweet title track. Instrumentally, this song is centred around wistful, dream-like guitars which drift along, carrying a reminiscent mood with them. The percussion is sturdy yet flexible, and it is accompanied by rich 808s.

Next, HYDN ups the energy with “SO IT GOES”, a fast-paced, energetic track containing powerful synths and glitchy vocal samples. HYDN provides some charismatic vocals over top, delivering his performance with much confidence.

He follows this up with “TIME TO MYSELF”, an airy track featuring reversed keys and clean drums. HYDN comes through with a catchy hook that sticks in ones mind long after listening, capping off this banger neatly.

To close out the EP, HYDN provides an intense offering in “I TRIED”. This song is powerful, containing heavy, psychedelic synths and deep drums. Over top, he comes through with some emotionally resonant vocals that are heartfelt and authentic.

Overall, It Was June is an emotionally potent release that showcases HYDN’s versatility as an artist. He demonstrates strong songwriting skills that bolster his authentic sound and style. All in all, one can look forward to more releases from HYDN with much anticipation.

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