Young Porter tells his story on “Been Through”

Massachusetts rapper Young Porter has shared a new project, entitled “Been Through”.

Been Through begins with the bouncy, intense banger “BOA”, which finds Young Porter dissecting his personal story and current life through rapid-fire bars. This track features driving 808s and crisp drums, setting a fast-paced backdrop for Porter’s reality-infused rhymes.

Next, Porter provides a reflective, laid-back offering in “Been Through”, the album’s title track. Over top of wistful guitars, Porter delivers some fresh verses about the come up and facing adversity. It is a relatable, emotional track that keeps one hooked throughout.

An album highlight is “UP!”, featuring an epic instrumental with icy synths and rich 808s. The drums on “UP!” are clean and fast-paced, and Porter comes through with some blistering verses over top. On this track, his vocals are strong and his cadence is confident, providing an engaging listen.

Been Through closes out with the reflective “Two Face”, an introspective track that finds Porter delivering some emotional verses as reminiscent keys play out underneath. Moreover, the track contains powerful production, with booming 808s locking in the rhythm. This is a great closer for the record, providing a raw, emotive outro.

Overall, Been Through takes us on a personal journey through the mind of Young Porter, and dissects what he is dealing with currently in his life. He crafts reality-driven bars that keep one interested, and the beats are bouncy and versatile. One can only hope for more music from Young Porter soon.

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