The evocative, vibrant artwork of Ugly Fernandez

New York-based artist Ugly Fernandez is a renaissance man, having made some major waves lately in a variety of fields including music, entrepreneurship, fashion, and of course visual art. It is easy to get drawn into the world of his artwork, which is evocative and expressive, utilizing vivid colors and powerful lines to convey a certain form of nostalgia.

The piece “New York City” is a prime example of Fernandez’s idiosyncratic style. It depicts a figure enshrined in a vibrant scene of chaos, capturing the colorful, loud environment of New York City. Fernandez conveys the nature of New York in a refreshing, exciting manner with this work. Furthermore, he applies an engaging sense of depth and space, making for a truly interesting piece.

Dancing With Strangers” by Ugly Fernandez

Another example of Fernandez’s memorable style is the piece “Dancing With Strangers“. Here, Fernandez demonstrates his skill in working with color, providing an interesting color palette that creates texture and depth. This work has a layered feeling, and it is truly thought-provoking in nature. The use of the door is a special touch, further implying a strong sense of dimension.

Overall, Ugly Fernandez is an exciting visual artist who is quickly on the rise. His work is intriguing, and powerful, giving a sense of nostalgia and pensiveness. Stylistically, he is unique and true to himself, showing an unflinching honesty in his work. All in all, one can certainly look forward to what is coming next for this young artist.

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