blackbyrd shares eclectic new album ‘Shoegaze for Black Kids’

blackbyrd has shared a new album, titled Shoegaze for Black Kids. blackbyrd (formally known as mikeyblackkk) is an artist from the burgeoning Western Mass music scene. Combining the melodies of shoegaze and dream pop, with the raw lyricism of 90’s boom bap rappers, blackbyrd offers an idiosyncratic sound with his new album as he takes a step forward into new territory from his previous output.

Shoegaze for Black Kids shines by combining various genres into a poignant mix, while blackbyrd himself stands out as a skilled and focused lyricist who does not waste a word as far as delivering a message. It’s a record that is simply refreshing, as it is difficult to categorize and refuses to conform throughout. Songs like the aptly titled “Rebel” are evident as this, and especially the expansive scorcher “White Noise” that is perhaps the most seamless blend of hip-hop and shoegaze on the album. Take a listen to Shoegaze for Black Kids if you want to hear something that defies boundaries in a world where too much output leans towards cookie cutter formulas.

Listen here:

Connect with blackbyrd: Spotify | Instagram | LinkTree

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