Dzh takes them to “Practice” on new single

Dzh has shared a brand new single called “Practice”. Here, he provides a refreshing take on his usual sound and breaks into new ground with glitchy, progressive production that neatly splits the line between boom-bap, trap, and experimental hip-hop. Atop wavering, booming bass, grimy drums, and psychedelic, dark samples, Dzh weaves together poignant lines at a rapid pace, demonstrating his focus and inimitable mic presence. His flow is commanding and fluid as he attacks the track with a resonant confidence, shining with a laser-like delivery that hits the target with each syllable. As the production creates a buoyant, powerful backdrop for him, he steals the show as a vocalist and proves that his technical abilities are up there with the best in the underground with “Practice”. 

New Jersey artist Dzh is a dual threat on the mic and the boards, developing his own sound and style through years of hard work and experimentation. Building a burgeoning, dedicated fanbase through engaging projects like his 2019 debut Under This Hoodie and 2020’s The Durag Tape and La Vita Nuova with Oklahoma’s Levi Hinson, Dzh has consistently displayed passionate, focused songwriting across his discography. His latest offering “Practice” is a real scorcher with a progressive edge to it, making us excited for what may be coming from him this year.

Check out “Practice” here:

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