Valid and Stretch Money share blazing single “Commentate”

Detroit artists Valid and Stretch Money are back with a new single, titled “Commentate”. Produced by Slot-A with co-production from DJ Head, the song contains a vibrant soundscape based around raw synths, hard hitting drums, and potent bass. Vocally, Valid and Stretch Money shine as they trade raw, passionate verses back and forth that demonstrate their focus as lyricists. Full of clever lines containing engaging references, their verses meld with basketball-related clips to enhance the track’s themes. All of these parts work together to create a strong cohesive whole from Valid and Stretch Money, who continue their potent run of singles ahead of their new collaborative project Bill & Isiah. 

“Commentate” makes for a strong new track from Valid and Stretch Money, with critically acclaimed producer Slot-A (producer of Legacy! Legacy! by Jamila Woods) linking up with Detroit MC’s Valid and Stretch Money to deliver a unique, never been done before, gritty display of lyrical penmanship with “Commentate”. Co-produced by platinum credited Grammy-Award winning DJ Head of Shady Records, and Grammy-Award winning Anthony Rizzo, “Commentate” is a hard-hitting, memorable display of potent lyricism and slick flows.

Listen to “Commentate” here:

The duo have also released an engaging new visualizer that enhances the track’s basketball themes with a retro feel. Check it out here:

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