YB is here to “PLAY FOR KEEPS” on new single

By Todd Anderson

Arkansas-born artist YB has shared a new single called “PLAY FOR KEEPS”. A hard-hitting song that grabbed our attention immediately with its powerful sound and poignant lyrics, “PLAY FOR KEEPS” continues his prolific run in to the new year, as he keeps feeding his fanbase with engaging songs at a rapid pace. Showcasing his ear for infectious production and sharply-crafted, thoughtful lyricism, “PLAY FOR KEEPS” is a potent song that grips the listener with its tour-de-force of sonics. With bassy, trunk-rattling 808s and sleek, menacing synths, the production creates a foreboding backdrop for YB’s intense vocals. Detailing his personal life and trials and tribulations, the single is relatable as well, connecting with listeners with its emotive, heartfelt messaging and authenticity.

The latest from YB, “PLAY FOR KEEPS” continues his fiery run and has us excited for what else may be coming from him this year. Give it a listen below.

Connect with YB: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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