RUYi kicks off year with new single “Heart of the World”

By Damilola Grey

New Jersey-based artist RUYi has surprised fans with the release of his new single “Heart of the World”. The single also features fellow Jersey artist, Nike’ the Artist.

On this 3-minute 90s-retro inspired track, RUYi and Nike’ flow effortlessly to portray a flurry of emotions- from love to hope to disappointment. Nike’ starts the song off with otherworldly vocals, which can be described of as nothing short of perfect. She talks about the steps she’s taking to gain success in music- from “one more TikTok, one more show, one more video and interview”. RUYi follows up using his verse to highlight some trials and tribulations black people face on a regular basis. To add more emphasis to his verse, RUYi dropped a skit, to accompany the single, titled “Children of the Diaspora” in which he showcases his frustration with the government due to the systems put in place, or the lack thereof.

RUYi and Nike’ showcase amazing chemistry on top of an amazing production. Make sure to check out the new single below.

Stream HERE.

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