Valid and Stretch Money share fresh visual for “Sentimental”

Detroit artists Valid and Stretch Money are capitalizing on the success of their recent single, “Sentimental” with a fresh new visual. Cohesive with the song’s retro-meets-modernized sound and style, the video contains a charming throwback feel that makes this release extra engaging. The 80’s pop-influenced, synth-laden sonics of “Sentimental” are reflected in the track’s strong new video, which features fun-loving shots with classic 80’s attire and dance moves. The video even features an infomercial at the end in which they advertise a number, 1-833-ValStretch, which can be called in the USA for more information on the duo’s work.

Directed by Jerry Reid, the vivid visual continues the Detroit artists’ hot streak, making us excited for what may be on the way from these Motor City mainstays.

Watch the video for “Sentimental” here.

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