Valid and Stretch Money are “Sentimental” on infectious new single

Detroit mainstays Valid and Stretch Money have joined forces for the much-anticipated single “Sentimental”. Produced by Chuck Cross and featuring vocals from Kelly Kerr, “Sentimental “is a sharply written and vibrantly infectious single that neatly blends hip-hop with flourishes of pop for an offering that can appeal to a wide range of listeners. On “Sentimental”, punchy, colorful synths build into an addictive, club-influenced melody dynamically, before bouncy, energizing percussion and rich synth bass create a strong groove beneath. Vocally, the artists weave together cohesive performances that elevate the track to new heights, as Valid begins with a sturdy, charismatic flow before Kerr delivers a smooth hook, followed by potent, captivating lines from Stretch Money. All three artists demonstrate natural chemistry vocally, shining on the track with their unique contributions.

Valid and Stretch Money come through with a release that can truly be described as eclectic here, as an influence of 80s pop and electronic runs as an electrifying undercurrent, fused engagingly with hip-hop. A refreshing single that cannot be boxed in to one category or style, “Sentimental” demonstrates the Detroit duo’s creativity and has us looking forward to further work from them with much anticipation. Take a listen to “Sentimental” below and connect with Valid and Stretch Money.

Connect with Valid: Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Stretch Money: Instagram | Facebook

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