Dzh returns from hyperbolic time chamber with introspective single “Peace of Mind”

By Damilola Grey

For fans of the more bar-heavy, lyrical side of hip-hop, Dzh is quickly becoming a household name. The New Jersey native has shown time and time again that his pen game is not to be slept on. However, Dzh is not a one trick pony as he’s shown his versatility on many occasions such as his 2022 album “Dante’s Inferno”. Dzh showcases his versatility once again with the release of his self-examining single “Peace of Mind”.

On this single, Dzh talks about taking a step back from everything and properly understanding how he can be wrong in some areas of his life. He sees himself as “a software that God is still installing”. He also highlights that he’s still growing in stages and in patience. “Peace of Mind” not only sees Dzh realize that he has a long way to go, but also sees him accept how he can lack accountability at times. This single is “an honest-to-God moment” as stated by Dzh. He addresses his emotions with a mellow tone and sober delivery which manages to keep listeners hooked from the first second.

Dzh keeps improving with each release becoming better than the last and with Dzh promising more music this year, we really can’t wait to see what other heat he has in store for us.

For some peace of mind, stream Peace of Mind HERE.

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