Wrek shares fresh single “Over”

By Damilola Grey

New Jersey artist, Wrek is back with his highly anticipated single titled “Over”. This is also his 4th single of the year.

On “Over”, Wrek talks about the flow of various relationships he has experienced and how it’s similar to the way current relationships work. When Wrek was creating this masterpiece, it meant more of healing for him but now it signifies closure. Wrek expresses his emotions, in a chill manner, with a “Smino-esque” soundwhich is a result of his growth as an artist- one which is very noticeable, especially for those tapped in with his career. When I asked Wrek about his new sound, he told me “Nothing lasts forever at the end of the day, but I can say the sound is here to stay, or even do a new addition to the artillery haha”. The heavenly production of this single was handled by typhoon

Wrek has had an amazing year dropping banger after banger and what better way to end this year than with a single as amazing as “Over”. His growth as an artist has been amazing to watch and we can’t wait to see what the New Jersey native has in store for us next year.

Stream “Over” on all platforms:

Listen to “Over” HERE.

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