DRBRWL shares vibrant self-titled EP

By Todd Anderson

DRBRWL has shared a fresh new self-titled EP. He is a new age hip-hop artist born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Of Liberian and Ghanaian descent, DRBRWL is currently working as a youth advocate with young people in Minnesota while consistently performing and working on his craft within the twin cities. He has just released a self-titled debut EP, which caught our attention for its vibrancy and abstract nature, as DRBRWL showcases his unique delivery and ear for catchy melodies.

Drbrwl EP kicks off with “within”, which sets the tone for the versatile and colorful sound of the project. Here, ethereal synths drift atop bouncy, vital percussion and 808s, with fluttering, catchy vocals from DRBRWL taking center stage and adding to the song’s vividness. “fuse blew” brings forth an intriguing sound with its moody, atmospheric guitars contrasting with heavy 808s and snapping percussion, as DRBRWL delivers hypnotic melodies overtop. “no barriers” with OZCASHTHEPRODUCER contains heavily immersive production with warbling flutes that contain a sense of depth, as DRBRWL delivers a smooth, emotive vocal performance that showcases his versatility as a vocalist.

Drbrwl is the latest project from Minneapolis artist DRBRWL, and it contains some mercurial, memorable sounds and emotionally dense performances from DRBRWL that make for a vibrant listen.

Listen to Drbrwl here:

Connect with DRBRWL: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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