Meet The Lucrative Youth

The Lucrative Youth are an established creative agency based out of Miami, Florida who specialize in artist development services. They provide everything from world class production to industry standard music videos, with everything done in-house at their studio space down in Miami. Founded by Ernie Valladares back in 2018, The Lucrative Youth have made it a priority to put the artists needs first and building with their clients long term while most studios are focused on the pay-per-hour business model. Not that there is anything wrong with the pay-per-hour model, but The Lucrative Youth understand the importance of artist development, and bank on the music they produce to pop off in the long run.

Ernie built the business from the ground up, and made huge sacrifices a long the way. All in the name of prioritizing the art first. But the success of The Lucrative Youth didn’t come without encountering some issues along the way. A week before the launch of their first studio, they encountered some permit issues which forced them to bail on that spot, and find a new location after having already invested thousands of dollars into the space. Eventually they found a new spot, which is the one they’re currently located at and sure enough, Covid happened which caused them to close the doors until further notice, resulting in a 4 month delay.

Success has a funny way of always throwing a challenge at you, but Ernie’s unmatched desire to make it work and continue despite all of the set backs is the reason The Lucrative Youth are thriving today. Never give up on your dreams folks! So in conclusion, if you’re in the Miami area and are looking for a team of people to bring your vision to life, tap in with Ernie and the good people over at The Lucrative Youth. Thanks for reading!

Check out some of their work below!

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