Tweak on the Beat delivers versatile new EP, ‘One & Only’

Cleveland, Ohio artist Tweak on the Beat has dropped off his latest project, titled One & Only. Tweak, who received his name through a medical diagnosis at an early age before turning it into his new identity for his artistic project, has been consistently releasing engaging, idiosyncratic releases that showcase his signature production style- containing unique, character-rich and crunchy drums that imprint themselves upon one’s memory immediately upon listening. His latest EP One & Only continues to expand on his infectious signature sound, and features poignant guest features from rising names like YFL Kelvin, Ezri, E the Profit, and more.

One & Only makes a strong impression immediately, with the heartfelt, lyrically-focused offering “Like A Dawg”, featuring fellow Cleveland standouts and legends Kipp Stone and DJ Kristyles. Representing their Ohio locale superbly, the three connect on this release for an inspiring, emotive opener. Here, immersive keys blend with rich, elegant strings and sturdy percussion for a truly potent instrumental, which sets a solid foundation for Stone’s focused, raw lyricism.

The synergy that Tweak shows with his collaborators continues on “ICE”, an infectious banger featuring rising Kentucky artist E the Profit. Here, the producer and rapper find a natural chemistry as Tweak’s heavy, spacey instrumentation creates an enticing, stylish groove for E’s effortlessly slick flows. Then, “Want it Bad” featuring Paris Bryant introduces a different sound, as Tweak’s versatility as a producer shines with a more R&B and pop-influenced beat that feels highly dynamic. Bryant delivers a captivating performance as well, lacing the track with energizing and catchy melodies that enhance the song’s colorful feel.

Elsewhere, “Famous” featuring Ezri and moss. provides a catchy club anthem that hits the listener with waves of layered production and focused vocals. “Circumstances” featuring YFL Kelvin makes for an heartfelt and powerful track with bittersweet pianos and rising guitars underscoring Kelvin’s elegant, emotive performance. Closer “MUD” featuring Yayo da Cartune finishes the EP on a high note as well with its rock-solid production built around poignant keys and driving, intense 808s. As crisp, crunchy percussion locks in a raw, hypnotic rhythm, Yayo kills it with diverse, cathartic vocals that display his range as a performer.

The latest from Ohio’s Tweak on the Beat, One & Only does well to both exhibit his unique sound and his versatility as a beatmaker, with engaging tracks that range from hip-hop to alternative R&B, and more. A strong offering featuring rising guests like E the Profit, YFL Kelvin and more, One & Only has us excited for whatever may be coming next from the Cleveland up-and-comer.

Listen to One & Only here:

Connect with Tweak on the Beat HERE.

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