Mickey Daze shares raw new single “shook ones ’22”

Currently located in Cullowhee, NC artist Mickey Daze gives  his audience the transcending record titled  “shook ones ’22”. The soulful, textural single continues Daze’s run of engaging releases. Showcasing his sharp pen game with its detail-rich and thoughtful lyrics as well as his attention to detail in terms of beat selection, “shook ones ’22” is a poignant track from the emcee that elevates with its powerful lyricism and Daze’s attention-grabbing mic presence.

Starting off  DAZE gives the audience  a set of impactful lyrics that let the listener understand his current perception of the modern music industry. With lyrics such as  “ “Let see how deep this fucking rap shit can get”  and “N**gas got audactiy practicing lip service, “Dont air out my business in the streets or on purpose”; “Some shit yall n**gas doin in life making me nervous”.

The latest from NC’s Mickey Daze, “shook ones ’22” is a solid offering that blends elements of lyrical and lofi hip-hop.

Stream “shook ones ’22” here:

Connect with Mickey Daze: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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