Nkosi Bourne delivers introspective new mixtape, ‘Glimpse’

Brooklyn-based artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new mixtape, titled Glimpse. Chock full of emotional tracks that capture vivid lyrical portraits by course of Bourne’s sharp pen game, the project provides a refreshingly heartfelt dosage of East Coast underground hip-hop. Preceded by a series of well-received singles such as “No BS”, “Positive Affirmations”, and “Squares” that flirted with lo-fi soundscapes effectively, Glimpse builds off the poignancy of those singles to make for a richly thoughtful, introspective journey into the mind of the artist.

Songs like the title track opener and closer “Therapy” are glowing and ethereal sonically, while containing descriptive, sharply-crafted lyrics that draw the listener in to Bourne’s inner world. “Drowning” provides a jazzy, nocturnal feel with its smoky guitars and laid-back percussion, providing a solid foundation for Bourne’s smooth, laid-back flows. “What’s A Little Time?” is expressive and experimental, with jaunty, organic percussion creating a more abstract rhythmic backdrop and showcasing Bourne’s versatility.

Overall, Bourne’s new EP is a potent, layered project running with an undercurrent of authenticity, making for an engagingly emotional listen.

Stream Glimpse below and get familiar with the rising Brooklyn artist.

Connect with Nkosi Bourne: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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