JASMINEGOLD share refreshing new offering, “friendly fire”

Florida experimental hip-hop artists JASMINEGOLD, comprised of David Nights and Kj, have returned with a new single called “friendly fire”. Continuing their streak of eclectic, boundary-pushing offerings after the release of their well-received project Serpent, “friendly fire” is a poignant and expressive track that finds them delivering sharply-crafted bars and characteristically outside-the-box production.

“friendly fire” contains refreshing, bouncy production by Kj that opens with sleek reversed keys, before buoyant, airy percussion and 808s moor the beat with rich grooves. Atop the lush instrumentation, Nights delivers engaging, laid-back flows before a beat switch brings in a powerful, glitchy backdrop and he ups the ante with self-contained yet ferocious bars. The second half of the beat is electrifying, with swirling samples and fast-paced, energetic percussion giving it an intense flair.

With the release of “friendly fire”, JASMINEGOLD have also dropped a new music video, which engagingly presents a lo-fi aesthetic. Raw, gritty shots suit the surreal, dark feel of the song, making for a cohesive visual accompaniment. Watch the video here:

The latest from Florida’s JASMINEGOLD, “friendly fire” is another example of their potent left-field sound, and makes for a strong offering following their vibrant album Serpent.

Listen to “friendly fire” now:

Connect with JASMINEGOLD: Spotify | Instagram

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