TOVA drops melodic new EP “Care PKG”

By Damilola Grey

TOVA has finally dropped his highly anticipated project “Care PKG”. The 5-track EP is graced by two previously released tracks “7 Days” and “Island”. “Care PKG” also marks TOVA’s second EP this year.

On “Care PKG”, TOVA takes us on a journey of different emotions. From personal favorite, “Wonder”, where TOVA questions everything, to the earlier released single “7 Days”, where TOVA talks about his work ethic and how watching his parents work really hard inspired him to work even harder to make them proud, to “Losing Friends” in which, as the name implies, TOVA talks about losing friends while chasing success. We also can’t forget about “Lei’s Lounge” where TOVA addresses a woman who did him dirty and didn’t appreciate his sacrifices for her, as well as using him for her selfish desires.

“Care PKG” is a burst of emotions which TOVA successfully executed in such a short project, while blessing us with ethereal vocals reminiscent of Frank Ocean. TOVA has shown us, with this project, why he should be on the lookout for as “Care PKG” is one of the best RnB projects to grace the underground scene in the past couple years.

Stream Care PKG below:

Stream on all platforms HERE.

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