Allyn & jsn. share engaging new EP ‘CHROME SOUL’

Virginia-based duo Allyn and jsn. have shared a fresh new EP called CHROME SOUL. The pair of talented artists, who originally met in 2021, now share their debut with this project, an engaging, sharply-crafted set of 9 tracks that showcase their chemistry and keen sense for evocative songwriting.

A cinematic, vibrant project explores a journey into the joys of a new relationship, letting go of past issues and pains, acceptance of what you truly need, and the focus it requires to continue on in life while staying true to the one you love the most. It is a poignant EP from the duo that makes a strong statement as their first release.

After the thought-provoking intro “INITIALIZATION”, CHROME SOUL kicks off in an expressive fashion with “P.O.V.”, an immersive track that introduces the group’s luscious sound and focused songwriting. Containing spacey, layered instrumentation centred around expansive, watery keys grounded by grooving, textural percussion. “BAGGAGE / SERVICELIGHTS” follows up next and provides an engaging, cohesive accompaniment, with elegant grooves and silky, addictive vocals. “HALFWAY” slows down the pace with syrupy, warm grooves that provide an excellent soundtrack to the latter months of summer, while demonstrating the group’s diversity and providing a dynamic offering. The project closes out on a high note with “FORWARD”, an atmospheric, glowing song that features some of the project’s most infectious vocals, making for an emotive crescendo that finishes CHROME SOUL in a graceful manner.

The latest from Virgina-based duo Allyn & jsn., CHROME SOUL makes for a captivating, potent debut release, providing a diverse set of songs that provide much replay value.

Listen to CHROME SOUL now:

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