Killer Kane Drops Compelling Instrumental Album, ‘BIG MAN, little table’

By Trey Fox

Killer Kane is a prolific producer and engineer hailing from New Jersey. He’s widely known in the underground for his deadly sample chops and infusion of sound collages across film and television. While Kane has created a distinctive sound, he’s known for his ability to craft specific soundscapes for a myriad of notable indie hip-hop acts. He’s worked with artists such as Rich Jones, Sleep Sinatra, Teller Bank$, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Sekwence, and many more. He’s received positive coverage from music publications such as Bandcamp Daily, Okay Player, and These Days. Kane goes the distance on his third project of this year, perhaps his most cohesive record to date.

Kane starts the album with “lost 4 words,” a warm record that builds momentum as the looped trumpet sample becomes more triumphant as time passes. The horn elements are a constant fixture on the record that gives it cohesion. “BIGMAN(catsong)” is another early standout with its maniacal vocal sample and crisp drums.

Kane’s transitions between songs are consistently great throughout the record. In addition, he expertly balances both dark and uplifting moods. Album cuts like “we have a problem,” “yesterdae,” “needs,” and “sinister plug” are slightly gloomy yet calming and reflective. Whereas, brighter production components on records like “sugar,” “freeing my mind,” “six flags,” and “little table” are dispersed across the album and express a more hopeful feeling.

The album moves at a nice pace, providing listeners with a memorable journey from start to finish. The 20th track, “jadakiss,” is one of the greatest standouts on the back end of the project. The vocal sample proclaims that, “I don’t want any questions about Kane!” It further cements his status as one of music’s premier producers. The horns, bass, drums, and guitar mesh to create a really potent and lasting musical moment. He ends the album with “forDOOM,” a touching way to honor one of hip-hop’s greatest figures and one of Kane’s biggest inspirations. The sample flip is executed beautifully, and the saxophone loop is the perfect backdrop for a somber moment.

Bandcamp users were treated to two bonus tracks which feature great guest performances from Philadelphia’s Barry Marrow and Alabama’s Sekwence, respectively.

Stream “BIG MAN, little table” now:

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