LÉA THE LEOX shares vibrant new visual for “T.V.”

Rising Brockton, MA-born, Los Angeles-based artist LÉA THE LEOX has shared a new visual for her recent single “T.V.” The video is vibrant and energizing, enhancing the spirited feel of the genre-blending single, which expertly blends influences from house, alternative R&B, pop, and funk.

Sonically, “T.V.” is rich and vivid, buzzing with a buoyant, vital energy, and showcasing sharp songwriting from LÉA and producer ObieIII. Sitting somewhere between Doja Cat and Kaytranada with a refreshing twist that is uniquely her own, “T.V.” provides a dance-able, empowering sound that is simply addictive. Containing warm, upbeat synths and bouncy percussion, the instrumental on “T.V.” creates a fun-loving backdrop for LÉA’s infectious vocals, as she comes through with a memorable performance that matches the instrumentation’s playful energy.

The video does well to enhance the song’s jubilant feel as well, with colorful shots that make focused use of movement, accompanying LÉA’s confident and charismatic performance. Throughout the video, she appears magnetic, drawing the listener into the song’s balmy, immersive sound and keeping their attention close until the end.

The latest from LÉA THE LEOX, “T.V.” tells the story of a hookup without the burden of further responsibilities. Telling the story of reclaiming your power and energy, this song and its accompanying music video screams fun summer dance vibes.

Watch the video for “T.V.” now:

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