Ajna shares emotive new album, ‘Lifelines’

By James Solomon

Los Angeles artist Ajna has shared a new album, titled ‘Lifelines.’ Across 10 tracks, the rapper continues his run of lyrically-focused, emotive offerings laced with vibrant, infectious production. With flows reminiscent of a West Coast J. Cole or Drake, he weaves together powerful, personal lyrics that draw the listener into his world.

One of our favorite tracks on the LP is opener “1-10 West”, which contains an elegant, breezy instrumental that enhances Ajna’s introspective verses. “Heart to Heart” makes for a truly vibrant listen, with spacey, lush samples and immersive keys laying a soulful foundation, as Ajna comes through with some of his most powerful, descriptive lyrics. Songs like “Protect Me” showcase Ajna’s versatility as his driving vocals blend with a more hard-hitting instrumental that draws influence from gospel. Closer “Lifelines” makes for an evocative finish to the LP with a smoky, wistful sound that captures the album’s poignancy and emotivity.

The latest from Los Angeles artist Ajna, ‘Lifelines’ finds him delivering some of his most potent and vibrant verses to date atop a series of sharply-crafted instrumentals that flirt with soul, jazz, and more.

Listen now:

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