An Interview With Nick Dellas

By Damilola Grey

Dami: What was your first introduction to music?

Nick Dellas: Started playing the piano at the age of 6 but didn’t start writing music until I got out of high school.

Dami: What inspired you to start making music?

Nick Dellas: There’s a lot to talk about in this life and it’s important to have an outlet and music just happens to be mine.

Dami: Who are your biggest inspirations?

Nick Dellas: My mom. Seeing what she’s had to go through over the years, I’ve always wanted to make a better life for her.

Dami: Which artists do you wish to work with?

Nick Dellas: Big KRIT, Joey Badass, Mick Jenkins, Saba and Curren$y to name a few.

Dami: What’s your creative process like?

Nick Dellas: Most of the time, I just hop on YouTube, find a beat, start mumbling the melody out until I find something I like and then I’ll start writing. Nothing too crazy but I like to write in the mornings.

Dami: Why mornings?

Nick Dellas: No distractions and that’s when my thought process is the most clear.

Dami: How would you describe your sound?

Nick Dellas: I guess you could say alternative hip-hop. I try to stay versatile with my beat selection.

Dami: You dropped a single a few months ago titled “Tranquil Waters”. Tell us more about it.

Nick Dellas: I made Tranquil Waters to show my versatility as an artist. I didn’t focus so much on lyrics and it’s one of my shorter songs but I like that record a lot.

Dami: Why?

Nick Dellas: I think it just flows well from start to finish. The name of the song says it all lol.

Dami: What’s next for you after Tranquil Waters?

Nick Dellas: I’m working on getting a good amount of singles together and then I plan on dropping songs more consistently. No projects planned at the moment.

Dami: What do you want people to take away after listening to your

Nick Dellas: That’s a hard question. I think I would want people to be inspired to chase whatever dreams they have, fuck the opinions of others. If it makes sense to you and you have a passion for it, do that shit.

Dami: What has been the most challenging part of being an artist?

Nick Dellas: Staying consistent with it, life can get in the way sometimes.

Dami: What would you say has been your biggest achievement as an

Nick Dellas: I don’t have an answer for that because there’s still so much I want to accomplish with my music.

Dami: What you tryna achieve by the end of the year?

Nick Dellas: It’s hard because I have a lot going on right now but to finish school is my main priority.

Listen to Nick Dellas‘ latest single “Tranquil Waters” HERE.

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