Wrek returns with new single “Come Home”

By Damilola Grey

Wrek is back with another banger titled “Come Home”. The 2-minute track finds him discussing the feelings and actions that may have led to him running away, and in the process, even find his way home.

Unlike “All Day” where Wrek took a more soft, lo-fi approach, “Come Home” sees the New Jersey native attack the mic in a more aggressive way with dazzling wordplay. The production is nothing short of sublime either. According to Wrek, “this single is really for the ones that had them hardships growing up whether it was with your family or friends. Everybody wanted to run away at some point”. All in all, Come Home is a song about being able to navigate through finding yourself while noticing uncomfortable things along the way as well.

The single was also accompanied with visuals. Stream the single below and check out the music video while you’re at it

Watch now:

Stream HERE.

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