An Interview with Wrek

By Damilola Grey

Dami: What was your first introduction to music?

Wrek: Music has always resonated with me since I was a kid. I grew up listening to hella Tribe Called Quest as well as other RnB/hip hop artists because my older cousin would always show me what was fire. In early high school, I would start freestyling a lot for fun with friends during and after classes. I was the kid with headphones in all the time for real.

Dami: What inspired you to start making music?

Wrek: The inspiration was always in me because I always found myself gravitating towards the passion, whether it was listening to beats or writing mediocre songs when I was younger. So intrinsically, I was always inspired. But extrinsically, my motivation really came from my close friend Joshua Rare who was releasing his music on SoundCloud when I first met him. I would practice making music with him all the time my first year of college and finally found my own comfortability to start releasing music in 2019 with my first drop “Mary”.

Dami: Who are your biggest inspirations?

Wrek: The Pro Era collective fasho. Listening to all their music helped me realize that I always wanted to be real in my music and they taught me how to look at life from a different perspective. As of today, I’m heavily motivated by artists like Smino and Saba.

Dami: When making music, where do you grab inspiration from?

Wrek: Haha literally just life man. I’m an active vessel when I explore different people, situations, cultures, etc. I find inspiration through whatever I can on a day to day basis. Whether it’s from a conversation with someone at work or someone I’ve never met before. As long as I experience life, I’ll always have something to speak about on a deeper level. There’s layers to everything, and sometimes a simple phrase said by another person can spark memories, or shock you with a new perspective. That alone is powerful to me because there’s literally so many people we haven’t met, and other people’s experiences can connect.

Dami: What are 3 words that describe your music?

Wrek: Captivating, resonant, and melancholic.

Dami: Which artists do you wish to work with?

Wrek: Artists I wish to work with are Smino, Joey Badass, and

Dami: You just dropped a single titled “Come Home.” Can you tell us
more about it?

Wrek: Absolutely. “Come Home” is basically a runaway story. This was my first year living in my whole space so it gave me a lot of time to heal or process things that I had already thought I was free from. I speak about hardships between growing up with my friends and family, which in most cases they are seen as your “home”. The song brings about self- acceptance towards the end and the idea that you can make your “home” however you like or wherever you go. People could picture their runaway however they like when listening to it.

Dami: What’s your creative process like?

Wrek: I’m very selective when it comes to the beats I work on. Most of the time I have to immerse in a beat to really tune into whatever feelings it brings about within me. That could take as simple as a day or as long as a week. I tend to journal my thoughts throughout my days. Some can be unimportant but most of the time, they help me with what I think I could talk about on a track. Once I collect a few strong talking points/thoughts, the rest kinda pieces itself together. The writing process takes effect then I tweak with the melodics. Even then, I have to immerse in the song after it’s recorded to really make sure it speaks to me. This isn’t always the same process I use but it’s what I’ve realized works most with me.

Dami: What do you want people to take away after listening to your

Wrek: Staying true to yourself will always avail when following your path. Specifically in my new song “Come Home”, I made the statement that I would pursue the emptiest persons. This was heavy because I feel many people today are affected by the grasp of social media and try to imitate others’ lives or compare their own to people who look like they’re living the best life. Staying true and being comfortable with vulnerability are def my big ones.

Stream Wrek now HERE.

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