Word Life shares engaging visual for “Smoke”

Throughout the last few years, New York City has started to take the reins when it comes to being at the forefront of drill. Splashing onto the scene nationally through the sheer will of Pop Smoke, the city started to produce more potential hitmakers, leading to a national interest in the sub-genre. Hailing from the Bronx, rising indie rapper Word Life is one of those rappers, and he looks to prove it with his lavish new video for, “Smoke.”

Set to the tone of towering drum kicks, infectious synths and a steady rhythm, “Smoke,” finds Word Life showcasing some of the qualities that have made him one to watch. Effortlessly gliding over the up-tempo production, he highlights his knack for melodic progression, as well as an ability to produce engaging one-liners. Combined with the video, the Gambino-shot visual also does a brilliant job of highlighting the charisma of Word Life, as we follow him through a shopping spree in the Bronx. Meshing together his abilities as a rapper with his potential for on-screen opportunities, it’s no wonder that he’s started to become one of the more interesting independent rappers to keep up with.

Watch now:

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