JASMINEGOLD share lush debut album ‘Serpent’

North Florida alternative hip-hop act JASMINEGOLD have returned with their new debut album, titled Serpent. Showcasing their eclectic sound that engagingly blends old-school influences with refreshing, progressive stylings, Serpent finds the group reaching new heights creatively. At only 19 years of age, David Nights and KJ deliver a poignant 13-track offering that showcases versatile songwriting that dabbles in a variety of lush, evocative soundscapes.

Opener “Modern Love Story” sets the tone and introduces their sound- smooth, layered production and flexible, dynamic rhymes that are difficult to pin down or place in a box. Album single “Broadcast” makes for an infectious and refreshing cut, with glitchy, colorful production that immediately draws the listener into the song’s stylish, immersive soundscape. Moreover, the song contains deft flows that tantalize the listener with their unpredictable, exciting rhyme patterns.

Tracks like “Contraband” and “Escapism” find the duo delivering boundary-pushing offerings that sound like little else out right now. Kaleidoscopic, psychedelic tracks that feel intriguingly surreal throughout, these songs further showcase JASMINEGOLD’s versatility. “Joyride” slows down the pace with a smoky, laid-back instrumental and relaxed verses that make it a perfect anthem for cruising in the summer. Title track “Serpent” is catchy and vital, with addictive vocals that engagingly add a melodic touch to the group’s focused flows. The album closes out strongly with “A Happy Endin”, which brings in glowing keys and grand guitars, tying them together with rich bass and bouncy, crunchy percussion to make for a nostalgic and vivid soundscape.

Speaking on Serpent, JASMINEGOLD say, “This album sounds like JASMINEGOLD. We don’t like being complacent, and this is the groundwork for that. We want to sound like nothing you’ve heard before and innovate.” 

It appears they have succeeded in this with Serpent, an album that is both expansive and catchy, finding the group on a creative high as they weave together vivid, engaging tracks.

Listen now:

Connect with JASMINEGOLD: Spotify | Instagram

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