Diz and Frank Sativa drop summer song “SOULFOOD”

By Christian Peeney

Is the beach too far from you? Do you want to tropical vacation without traveling at all? All you need is to listen to this song!

Diz and Frank Sativa come together for “SOULFOOD” to remind us all that summer isn’t quite over yet. The instrumental feels like a 70s hula beat, the kind of music that plays at tropical resorts to remind you that, you are indeed at a tropical resort. It makes me feel like I’m sitting on the beach out by the ocean with a drink in my hand. The sound is peak summer.

There’s almost a youthful flair to the track; it’s not stingy adults on vacation, but it’s a group of friends hanging out on the beach. It’s as if Diz is freestyling over the music playing from the resort. Then, when Frank Sativa comes in, it’s as if he sees a cute girl lounging on the beach and goes to flirt with her. He’s nervous and doesn’t really know how to approach her, but he knows that his boys have his back. It takes me back to fooling around with my friends back in high school without a care in the world. This song, to put it very simply, is good vibes. Though it’s the end of July, and summer is coming to a close, there’s still plenty to enjoy.

Stream “SOULFOOD” now:

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