PLAY DEAD drop exciting new single “Barbershop”

By Griffen Elliott

PLAY DEAD (not to be confused with the 80ʼs goth band) is a rowdy three-piece punk band from South London. These noisemakers are fresh to the scene, having released only a handful of singles and an EP since 2020. Despite this, itʼs clear they have immense raw talent, carving out such a powerful, energetic sound right out of the gate. Their latest single “Barbershop” can attest to this with its lively bassline, classic punk guitar tone, and attitude-packed vocals it’s the type of song that makes you want to get smashed with your mates and jump around. It also carries on a common theme in the band’s discography of just being young and having a good time- a refreshing take in a world of music that is always trying to prove a point. The next wave of punk has arrived, and its name is PLAY DEAD.

Listen to “Barbershop” now:

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