Joseph Carney & IAMTHELIVING deliver idiosyncratic release “The Reverse Music Video”

Canada-by-way-of-the-UK artists Joseph Carney and IAMTHELIVING have shared a new collaborative release titled “The Reverse Music Video.” While both artists were raised in England, they created “The Reverse Music Video” across the pond in Vancouver, Canada, where they both were based at the time. Carney is an acclaimed filmmaker now based in New York, while IAMTHELIVING is a Juno-nominated recording artist. Showcasing a natural, effortless chemistry between the artists, “The Reverse Music Video” provides a cohesive, focused pairing of visuals and audio.

“The Reverse Music Video” follows a unique concept. It was crafted through an idiosyncratic process, in which, Carney first filmed IAMTHELIVING’s loose vocal improvisations and built a story on the fly, then constructed a song by combining multitudes of takes, resulting in a song & music video unlike any other- one where the video came first, and then the music second.

Warm, glowing sounds provide an ethereal soundtrack to the visuals. Immersive, uplifting keys and atmospheric backing vocals creating a dream-like backdrop for IAMTHELIVING’s elegant vocals, as his vocal melodies float smoothly, lifting the viewer up to the clouds. Gentle yet assured, the sound palette present dazzles with its refreshing, surreal energy.

The visual, shot by Joseph Carney, is focused and clean, enhancing the audio’s graceful sound. Smooth, warmly saturated shots and crisp editing bring a feeling of pace to the video, while keeping the mood relaxed and inviting. It does an excellent job of capturing the song’s refreshing energy.

The latest from Joseph Carney and IAMTHELIVING, “The Reverse Music Video” is a holistic collaboration that showcases the two artists’ natural chemistry and keen eye for detail. This release makes for a refreshing take upon music visuals in a current landscape where many are falling into the same patterns.

Connect with Joseph Carney: Vimeo | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with IAMTHELIVING: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Watch “The Reverse Music Video” here now:

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