Dzh shares blazing single “Issues”

New Jersey artist Dzh has shared a new single called “Issues”, assisted by Ricky Walters. Following up his last project, the well-received LP Dante’s Inferno, “Issues” continues his streak of hard-hitting, lyrically-focused offerings that balance introspective, heartfelt verses with charismatic braggadocio.

The instrumentation here is infectious and energizing, containing swirling flutes that meld with mercurial keys to create a focused atmosphere that enhances Dzh’s sharply-crafted flows. As driving 808s, and clean percussion lock in an invigorating rhythm, Dzh demonstrates his deft, flexible flows as he weaves together dazzling rhyme schemes with a crisp delivery. His clarity as a lyricist and emcee is evident, as he comes through with a barrage of lines that hit home immediately. He is followed by Ricky Walters, whose verses contrasts nicely with a more melodic-leaning flow, and Walters provides a strong follow-up.

The latest from New Jersey’s Dzh, “Issues” is a release that is both thought-provoking and catchy, with a refreshing, cinematic sound that hooks the listener in from the get-go.

Listen to “Issues” now:

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