jimmy. shares new single “Hova.”

By Damilola Grey

Atlanta native, jimmy. is back with another single titled “Hova.” jimmy. addresses various topics, from his desire to carry the Atlanta rap scene, to his dead friend and even his goals. He also uses this single to address a few mass shootings which have happened over the past month. He expresses his displeasure with politicians, and a few celebrities too. “Hova” is a deeply conscious track and jimmy. didn’t disappoint with this drop. The production has a mellow feel to it, which, accompanied with jimmy.’s flow, helps listeners see the dystopia which he is trying to show. Hova can be seen as jimmy.’s “fuck you” to the world and him expressing his frustration with the way things are. From his release with his collective Testing to the drop of his highly-anticipated EP, jimmy. is on a run and there’s no one stopping him.

Stream “Hova.” now HERE.

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