Justend & Joe Aste share smooth single “greyhound”

Vocalist Justend and producer Joe Aste have shared a fresh single called “greyhound”. Two New York natives, the artists have collaborated frequently in the past on evocative genre-blending tracks like “blue lung”, “last summer”, and more. Their latest offering “greyhound” provides a smooth, hazy sound that conjures wistful feelings of longing.

Containing dream-like, subtle keys drifting atop crunchy, infectious percussion and starry guitars, “greyhound” makes for a layered listen that beckons many re-visits. Justend delivers hypnotic melodies that submerge themselves within the immersive warmth of the production, showcasing his chemistry with Aste. A glowing, surreal track that refuses to be boxed into a singular genre, “greyhound” continues their run of engaging, expressive singles.

Listen to “greyhound” now:

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