Chicago’s Kayo checks in with new single “Talk”

Chicago’s Kayo has shared a new single called “Talk”. Vibrant and infectious, the track contains layered, airy production centred around watery, immersive keys and crisp percussion. As rich bass weaves together an addictive rhythm, Kayo delivers effortlessly charismatic melodies that blend smoothly with the glowing instrumentation. Building through dynamic verses into a memorable and cathartic hook, “Talk” is a track that is easy to keep re-visiting.

Regarding the single, Kayo says, “talk is my second single from the project. It’s a record that I made to encapsulate the rollercoaster of a ride a relationship really is. The different thoughts and feelings that constantly come and go, thinking ‘maybe LESS communication is key,’ hence the chorus “I don’t wanna talk.

Kayo is a 23 year-old musician, artist and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. With a musical focus on rap and R&B, Kayo draws inspiration from artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Brent Faiyaz. Just like his biggest musical influencers, Kayo is a true lyricist; he articulates his experiences and feelings with meaningful and therapeutic lyrics blended with elegant production. His latest song “Talk” is no different, with focused songwriting and a refreshing, graceful sound.

Listen to “Talk” now:

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