Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes join forces for new EP ‘Evil Twin’

Texas artist Fatboyshaun and New York’s Ricky Mapes have linked for a new collaborative EP called Evil Twin. Following up a prolific release schedule from both artists that included a series of hard-hitting and sharply-crafted singles and EPs, Evil Twin showcases their natural chemistry as they trade charismatic verses atop graceful, lush production from Cuffedgod, GRIMM Doza, and more.

The self-titled opener introduces the EP’s laid-back, elegant sound with glowing keys drifting atop dusty percussion and organic-sounding bass. Here, the two rappers go back and forth with fluid verses detailing vivid tales of hedonism, as the listener gets a tangible sense of the natural chemistry they possess on the mic. Next, smoky horns and subtle, spacey keys introduce the enigmatic “$5 Advil”. The intro transitions smoothly into a rich, infectious groove as the keys are brought to the forefront to provide an intriguing contrast with the gritty, pounding rhythm section. Here, Fatboyshaun and Mapes deliver engaging verses full of cleverly written lines that have the listener re-winding to catch everything.

“Doc Martine”, produced by Micro, is a personal favourite from the project, featuring a dreamlike instrumental bolstered by sweeping, nostalgic strings underscored by moody horns. Definitive of the dark and enigmatic sound present throughout the EP, the beat provides the perfect concoction for the rappers’ charming braggadocio, as they weave verses together effortlessly that complement each other’s styles. “Grimm Carey” changes up the sound with a glitchier instrumental from GRIMM Doza and Sogonesoflexy, bringing in grimy, off-kilter samples and a driving, powerful bass-line. Fatboyshaun and Mapes come through with vivid, imagery-rich verses that find them at a lyrical high point. Finally, the project closes with “Zoo York”, which utilizes airy, ethereal instrumentation to create a dreamlike backdrop for them to finish the EP on an introspective note.

The latest from Fatboyshaun and Ricky Mapes, Evil Twin finds them delivering a stellar lyrical performance with smooth, commanding flows atop laid-back, rich production from GRIMM Doza, Cuffedgod, and more. From the verses to the beat selection, this project is a testament to the true embodiment of the newly founded brotherhood, and showcases the two artists’ immense lyrical abilities and infectious sound.

Listen to Evil Twin now:

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