SPITDIAMONDS continues to cement their stance within the music industry

By Avinash Singh

In the music world, everyone is encouraged to participate and leave something behind. And now, we’ll discuss a really prominent yet aspiring artist that we’ve discovered as he takes over spotify by acquiring thousands of streams.

SPITDIAMONDS is the moniker that he goes by, and he has shown that age is not a barrier to learning new things; one can learn at any age. SPITDIAMONDS, who is just fourteen years old, started out in the music industry to establish his presence in the musical field.

At only nine, he began to create, and at sixteen he presented his first work. When we think about the upcoming artist, we notice that many of them engage in creative endeavors and take things seriously. We assume that the future is in excellent hands.

Additionally, SPITDIAMONDS began to draw a lot of attention and was recently invited to concerts Next Up event in Vegas, which was organized by the Grammys. He turned down offers for management and record agreements and is now completely independent. He constantly relied on his loved ones as his support system, which was sufficient for him to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

Our topic of Emphasis will be his brand-new song, “Bomaye!” SPITDIAMONDS wrote and performed the song “Time” & “Bomaye,” which was executive produced by himself. He perfectly captures my aspiration to have a quick and effective existence. His song could be a measure of speed, but it conveys more. The manner in which it was said and written demonstrates how unique it is from the others.

SPITDIAMONDS’s dedication to music has impressed us to an extent and we would recommend all the people to check out this talented individual.

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