Khadi Lee releases vibrant new visual for “FriendZone”

Cleveland, Ohio artist Khadi Lee has share a new visual for “FriendZone”, a standout cut from his recent EP Sneaky Link. Lee, who was raised in a musical household and grew up singing in choirs as well as competing in talent shows, has been on a hot streak recently with a series of engaging, vivid R&B releases.

His latest offering is “FriendZone”, a song off his well-received recent EP Sneaky Link, which contains breezy production centred around infectious synths, airy backing vocals, and grooving percussion. Atop the hazy instrumentation, Lee delivers smooth, soaring melodies that draw the listener deeply into this song’s balmy atmosphere. Vocally, his verses build through sharply-crafted verses packed with buttery melodies, before he launches into a catchy, uplifting chorus. Romantic and warm, “FriendZone” provides a perfect soundtrack for the coming summer months.

Topically, he provides relatable content about moving beyond the friendzone and into something more, something many listeners have experienced. Of the song, Lee says, “The friendzone topic is so common but rarely talked about. We all experience it but barely admit it? With this single I wanted to change that narrative.”

The accompanying visual, shot by Jake Johnston, enhances the song’s mellow ambiance with hazy, refreshing shots and a charismatic yet relaxed performance from Lee. Here, warm, glowing filters are used to appropriately capture the track’s silky sonics, making for a memorable and engaging cohesive whole package.

The latest from rising Cleveland R&B artist Khadi Lee, “FriendZone” and its new visual make for an apt soundtrack as the weather heats up for the summer months. An addictive, stylish offering that is easy to continuously re-visit, “FriendZone” showcases Khadi Lee’s deft abilities as a vocalist. This song appears on his recent EP Sneaky Link, a 6-song set of laid-back, sleek R&B cuts.

Watch the visual for “FriendZone” here:

Listen to Khadi Lee’s new EP Sneaky Link here:

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